Rob Hughes was born in Cardiff, Wales, and emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa when he was seven years old. He had not grown up in a Christian family, however the Lord was gracious to him in South Africa and brought to his ears the glorious truth of the gospel. Rob wrestled with God’s truth throughout his teenage years, and while he did acknowledge the existence of God, he did not surrender his life to Him until 1994, when the Lord sovereignly saved him through His glorious and everlasting grace.


Within a fairly short period Rob began to serve the Lord in different ministerial capacities, such as Sunday School, leading a youth group, etc. The Lord used these different opportunities to shape and mould him, helping Rob to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. A zeal for God’s truth and a fervent desire to see people saved characterised the Lord’s call on his life. After completing a degree in Theology between 1998 and 2000, Rob returned to the UK in 2002, to help with the planting of a new charismatic church. During this period the Lord led Rob to a better understanding of Scripture, which eventually led him to accept the doctrines of God's sovereign grace in salvation.


In 2006 Rob joined a reformed, evangelical church in South West London. The Lord began to open new ministry opportunities for him, most notably the call as an evangelist to preach the gospel in the open-air. Since then Rob has proclaimed and defended God’s truth in earnest, seeking to bring the wonder and transforming power of the gospel to the hearts and minds of those lost in their sin. 


He now lives in Woodford Green, North London, and is a member of Woodford Evangelical Church


Rob will forever be eternally grateful to the Lord’s gracious call on his life. His passion for God’s truth has led to the formation of this website, his prayer being that God would use it for the glory of His eternal and matchless name. 

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